Hobby Mio has stopped producing caps for their bottles. We ask that you re use the caps you already have as no new caps are currently being made. If that changes we will start sending them out right away again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Product Details: Brand: Hobby Mio Pre-thinned Model Paint

100ml: Lacquer Pre-thinned Paint 

This pre-mixed paint has great coverage ability and high durability. After spraying, the color is not easily oxidized or discolored even after contact with air.

1. This product has been diluted before leaving the factory (the dilution ratio is 1:2.5).

2. Remove old stains and impurities on the surface of the work piece before spray.

3. Shake the Product well before use and spray with airbrush evenly to the work piece surface. Safety Measures: If this product contacts the skin, you can use neutral detergent and warm water to wash. If this product contaminates your eyes, please rinse your eyes with clean water several times and consult a doctor in time. Keep this product out of reach of children