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Paint Chip Cards


Regular price $9.99


Color swatch Self-made blank chip book

A blank chip (blank card) set for creating a color sample book. Contains 70 chips made of special paper and a metal ring.
It has an appropriate thickness, is easy to turn over, and you can record the name of the paint used, the date and time, the kit used, the color ratio, etc. and use it as your own asset.

Just the right size for your hand

Business card size that fits comfortably in your hand. Bundle chips (cards) like a word book so that you can easily compare colors.

Resin coating special paper

Uses special paper coated with resin to catch the paint. Highly scratch resistant and resistant to rubbing. We have confirmed that it does not come off even if it is rubbed with a nail (verified with a commercially available model paint).


Only the front side can be painted. Conformity verification with commercially available model paints (lacquer-based, water-based acrylic, enamel-based model paints).