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RE/100 1/100 GUNDAM Mk-III UNIT 8


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From [ANAHEM LABORATORY LOG], the spin-off story running in Yatate Bunko, 
the red coated "Gundam Mk-III" Unit 8 developed by Anaheim Electronics company is released in RE/100 series !
● The "red"coat with an impact is reproduced by color molding !
    The red color of unit 8, which was intended to be Lieutenant Quattro Bajeena's new personal suit is reproduced by color molding.
● Includes various markings!Includes newly designed water slide decals !
    Water slide decals with logo marks of AE (Anaheim Electronics), A.E.U.G., and many caution marks are newly included !
● The wide range of motion in hip and other joints allow various poses !
Weapons:Beam Rifle / Beam Cannon / Beam Saber / Shield