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Acrylic Light Display

Metal Wood Creations

Regular price $24.99

Acrylic Light Displays


These light displays have been produced and manufactured by one of our partner store Metal Wood Creations. Each acrylic display has been handcrafted and made ready for your workspace. 

Each display comes with a plastic wood light base, an acrylic display, a power chord, and an RGB controller to adjust settings. Bases can use 3 AA batteries if you choose to do so as an alternative childless power mode.

Each acrylic display comes in protective paper to ensure the plate does not get scratched, smudged or covered in dust during shipping and handling. Removal of paper is not difficult, simply use a finger mail or plastic scraper to remove plastic. For smaller pieces of protective paper feel free to use warm water and dish soap if there are any spots that are persistent. We know it adds a step having the protective paper, but it helps ensure products quality is not compromised before it arrives to customer.