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Mashin Hero Wataru HG Jyakomaru Model Kit


Regular price $35.99

From "Mashin Hero Wataru", the lineup of the genie "Jyakomaru" on which the tiger king boards!

Pursuit of proportions faithful to the original silhouette. Some replacement parts and slide and rotation gimmicks built into various places realize transformation into "fierce tiger form".

Due to the structure of the shoulder joint, the pose that brings out the tiger sword can also be reproduced. Tiger Sword can be stored in the Tiger Shield. The Tiger Shield can be held by the attached handle and attached to the arm by using the connecting parts. When in fierce tiger form, the shield can be connected to the back. By using a dedicated pedestal with the Evil Tiger missile, you can enjoy the display in the firing state.

 In addition to abundant weapons such as tiger sword and tiger shield, various hand parts are included.