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Mr Metal Color MC212 Iron 10ml

Mr Hobby

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Solvent-base acrylic paint.

Mr. METAL COLOR has an outstanding brightness and shininess. The polished Mr. METAL COLOR has a strong reflecting power, like a real metal. A wide range of metal colors are available for all types of metallic finishes of your scale models.


This paint can be applied directly to both painted and non-painted surfaces. For a deeper metallic finish, apply this paint on a black or dark colored base.

Suitable base paint for Mr. METAL COLOR:
✓ Mr. Color
✓ Mr. Surfacer
△ Aqueous Hobby Color
× Acrysion

DO NOT MIX WITH Mr. Color, Aqueous Color, Acrysion, Mr. Color GX, Mr. Clear Color GX, Mr. Color 40th Anniversary, Mr. Crystal Color, Mr. Super Metallic, Lascivus, Acrysion Base Colors, Classy 'N Dressy Colors.


  1. Prepare the base coat if necessary.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Mr. METAL COLOR evenly with a paint brush. Large flat paint brushes are recommended.
  3. Let the surface dry for at least 5 minutes.
  4. After the paint has dried, use a piece of soft cloth to gently polish the painted surface.
  5. Apply TOPCOAT to prevent oxidation and result in a durable finish.

※Different effects can be obtained depending on how strongly the paint is polished. eg. no polishing will result in a matt effect, while gentle polishing, or more strong polishing will result in a more highly burnished effect.
Do not polish for too long as the paint film may come off.
Scratches may appear after polishing.
Do not apply Mr. Super Clear over a coat of Mr. METAL COLOR. Mr. Super Clear will dissolve the paint film.